ABOUT CannaPlex™ and Virgin Lungs, LLC.

Thank you for visiting our webpage. We are glad you also share an interest in "Runner's High" and the Endocannabinoid or (eCB) System. Below you can find a brief synopsis of our views, where we're comnig from and little bit about the company. Feel free to contact us with any further questions using the conact information below or the form on the contact page.

While Virgin Lungs, LLC. does not promote, advocate or encourage running, the use cannabis, or of any dietary/herbal supplement Virgin Lungs, LLC & CannaPlex™ users do believe and subscribe to the principal that adults have the right to make informed and educated decisions relating to their own health care and well-being in regards to the substances they’ve chosen to introduce into their body and what they do with that body afterwards.

The ingredients in our supplement have been shown to complement the absorption and utilization of the bodies endocannabinoids, while promoting proper lung function and respiratory health. Below you'll find a brief synopsis of the research that provided the basis for Virgin Lungs, LLC when creating the CannaPlex™ Supplement. Its advocation by medical marijuana patients and our publication of their experiences or testimonials is solely for the benefit of those who use medical-marijuana and may benefit from our supplement which supports the proper function of the endocannabinoid system, also involved the experience known as "runner's high" and in many everyday bodily functions.