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"Running no longer sucks"

"One awesome side effect though is that running no longer sucks now I would always get really out of breath after running for 5-10 minutes even though I'm in pretty good shape. I thought I was just being a pussy or I sucked at breathing properly This stuff seems to have helped my breathing cause now I can run without getting out of breath. 2nd night I took it I ran 6 miles" Originally posted by user Midgitized

"These Pills are Insane"

"I have an extremely high tolerance but I must say these pills are insane. I'm smoking less, get higher and it's lasting longer." Submitted by Michael Millions - @michaelmillions -

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"This Stuff Definitely Works"

"4 days, 4 pills in this stuff definitely works - definitely getting a bit higher but it is lasting a LOT longer, stronger body high, and my munchies are frankly ridiculous. without noticing i ate 18 fried dumplings in one sitting yesterday would recommend (the pills, not that many dumplings)”Originally posted by user Legendary


"Way More Mellow"

"solid product, been on it, for around a week now. I am noticing a reduced tolerance but, I feel way more mellow even without it Originally posted by user Marcu5